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Advantages of the Super Insulated Wall System


     Greater Structural Strength Reinforced concrete walls that are rated to withstand winds up to 250mph.

     Exceptional Insulation Values R-22 rating Equal to R-47 when compared to a stick built home.

      Offering up to 60% lower utility costs. No air infiltration between walls. Our materials are designed to provide a truly energy efficient building superior to any competitive product.                                                                           

     Acoustical Superiority 52 STC Rating Extremely Quiet! Provides maximum privacy and soundproofing.

     Class A Fire Rating - Fire protection 2 hour rating with 4 ICF Walls 4 hour rating with 6 ICF Walls - 4 hour rating with 8  ICF Walls!               .

     Non-Toxic Materials - Does not give off toxic fumes.

     Structure Life permanent no limit to life expectancy of ICF walls!

     Mold Proof Polystyrene provides vapor barrier to prevent mold.

     Insect Proof Termites cannot ingest polystyrene.

     Simplicity of Construction - Straight walls assured by tongue and groove keyed block for easy construction.

     Adaptable Use any exterior or interior finishes. Can be used for sub-grade or multi-story building. Can be built to any wall thickness 4 to 24.

     Speedy Installation A stack, brace, inspection and pour system assures maximum installation efficiency.

     Built in furring strips - Allows direct attachment of drywall to ICF Walls.

     Specified in all Florida Counties - Assuring speed of approval and inspection.

     Turn Key Construction Installation by highly experienced craftsmen. Only employees of Southwick Inc. are used to install the ICF Wall System.

We have built over 400 homes in Central Florida. 

      We guarantee our work!


Call us at 407-323-6323.


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