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Insulated Walls are used in Production and Custom Builds.

Solid concrete construction is the long-term, quality alternative to typical concrete block, wood frame and steel frame houses.

The features and benefits of the insulated concrete form used in construction for residential and commercial builders are as follows:

  Faster to Build
Helps shave numerous construction days off a typical home building timeframe.

  Reduced Labor
Fewer subcontractors are needed in this type of construction lowering labor costs and increasing productivity with a smaller labor force.

  Improved Utilization and Scheduling
Operations, scheduling and administration becomes more efficient in concrete construction with less labor and fewer subcontractors.

  Quicker Turnaround
A home is "dried-in" when final concrete lift is complete and allows succeeding trade work to begin quicker so an average home can be completed substantially sooner.

  Built to Last
Take pride in building a product that will last 200+ years. Concrete housing is estimated to outlast most all conventionally built structures

  Minimizes Waste
Use of cast-in-place poured concrete drastically reduces construction material waste including lumber, sheetrock, wiring, and mechanical scraps reducing landfill disposal.

  Lower Insurance Rates
Building concrete homes significantly reduces potential property damage and loss during disasters like storms and fire. Insurance premiums during and after construction may also be lower.

  Easy Maintenance
Concrete construction is low-maintenance and minimizes damages during construction. Easy clean-up and pre-move-in prep generates quicker closings and quicker collections. It also reduces builder warranty work after the sale.

  More Profitable
As manufacturers continue to make refinements to their forming systems, and develop more efficient ways to install them, the cost of a solid-concrete home will likely drop below that of equivalent wood-frame construction.
The profit margin on a concrete home averages 10% more than the stick built or block home. Have the ability to market a home that will save the end user 50 to 60% on their energy bill and be fire and hurricane rated!

  Solid Partnerships
Developer and builders can work in strong partnership with Southwick on the construction process.  There are also opportunities to work together on local and regional marketing and promotional efforts.

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